Your Time,
Your Rules,
Your Life.

Traditional time management often feels like a burden, an endless series of checkboxes waiting to be ticked. But what if we could perceive time as a superpower? A unique freedom to choose what moments to prioritize?
You choose how to live. Define your day, your way.

The Manifest

Define your day, your way.

There has been no innovation in how calendars work for more than 30 years.
Spreadsheet-like interfaces could be fine to create a meeting, but are simply not enough to plan your life.

You don't always plan for every moment of your day, do you? The unexpected tab you open, the unplanned time spent reading - these are moments that subtly shift your daily agenda. To-do lists exist in a world where life's random, chance encounters are not accounted for. Yet, our most extraordinary power as humans is to adapt, to prioritize moments that truly matter in life. Too often, our freedom to customize our daily tasks is penalized in contemporary task applications.

Kyugo allows you to customize your day to what your life and its tasks mean to you. Visualize your day your way, not be dictated by what your phone tells you to do. Remember, you have the power to define what a task is.

Time is a manmade construct, and everyone should have the power to define it on their own terms. Don't let your day control you. Take control of your day.

So after years of testing and research,
we’re thrilled to introduce Kyugo*.

* Kyugo comes from Japanese “Kyūgō”, meaning a relief, bringing people together.
How Kyugo works
1 minute, 29 seconds

The Calendar

Your life in a circle.

It was always there.
We rediscovered it.

At Kyugo, we believe in transforming your daily routine from a checklist of tasks to a visual masterpiece. Time is your canvas, not a burden, and Kyugo gives you the superpower to define it on your terms. Kyugo is not just a calendar app; it's a revolutionary approach to reclaiming your time, where each moment becomes a brushstroke on your personal canvas of life.
Kyugo was born – a more visual and intuitive way to plan your day.

See how it works

Time as a superpower

You choose how to live.

Say how much time you need. Kyugo will do the rest.

Embrace the fluidity of your day. Define tasks, events, and priorities in a way that suits your unique lifestyle.
Plan, adapt, and visualize your time that resonates with your work and life balance.
Welcome to a world where guilt is replaced by choice, and your day is a work of art in progress.

Instantly visualize your busy days and times

The daily circles instantly show you what kind of event you have planned for the day, when, and how full your day is.

Kyugo runs on your existing Google Calendar

No need to create a new calendar. Just connect your Google Account.

you are in charge.

Enter Kyugo, a breakthrough in the world of task applications.

Why not redefine how you perceive and utilize time? Start setting your clock - your time zone, right now with Kyugo - and experience the power of time on your terms.

Thumb-friendly navigation

With a single-hand usage in mind, all controls are placed at the bottom for fast interactions. All buttons are thumb-friendly. All interactions require one tap only.


With years of experience designing apps, Kyugo uses a revolutionary UX to make every action fast, smooth and easy to control. We created new elements and interaction never seen-before in an app.


Switch controls to use the app easily with your left hand.


The Controls

Skip the edit buttons.

Change event length or type directly with one tap. Kyugo automatically replans your calendar if the event no longer fits into your schedule.

Make your life easier.

Reschedule an event with one tap and Kyugo will find another time in your calendar automatically. Never think again what to write when you’re late, Kyugo will handle it.

2 hours
5 hours
Manage your day.

See how much time you have left for meetings and work. Turn day off to cancel and reschedule all your events to another time, or reschedule all your meetings at once to focus.

Delegate meeting creation.

Share your public calendar with anyone, which updates in real-time based on your available time slots.

When was the last time we met?

Search within your events or people you met, fast. Open a contact to see the history of meetings with this person and reach out.

Others who choose how to live

Sruti Satish
B2B Tech Content Marketer

An amazing app!

I was casually checking out Kyugo, thinking yet another 'productivity' tool is here. But, the landing page intrigued me. The calendar was different. It was circular.
Didn't think twice and jumped right in. Had a good experience. If you've not tried, you should check the app out.

Daniel Feles

Being a product designer myself for more than a decade, I 100% support any project that is willing to reinvent patterns, that we use for 10+ years.I think Kyugo’s aim is something ive been waiting for a long time. i believe calendars following ancient printed formats needs to be reinvented and I like Kyugo’s approach.

Product Designer

Great to see a new way of viewing and interacting with the calendar to manage and overview our time better. Time is the most valuable asset we have and these tools are what helps us makes the most of it.

Shivangi Awasthi
Product Designer

This is going to be my new comfort tool. Thank you for creating this. Rooting for you and your team.

Sergei Terno

Wow! Calendars, To-Dos, and Messengers are the most popular trends in startup development. However, 99 out of 100 products lack individuality. Your product, Tom, is truly unique! Thank you very much.

Alysson Melo

Seeing the community's excitement around the design and functionality has me intrigued. It's not every day that a calendar app gets this much attention for trying to reinvent the wheel. Eager to dive in and see how it streamlines my day-to-day. Kudos to the Kyugo team for shaking things up!

Michael Fogarty
People Ops Leader

Love. IT. I love the idea of integrating your different aspects of life into one calendar, particularly giving family and friends some insight, and being about to work around each others' difficult schedules


Some apps like this are just beautiful but don’t consider the functionality. This is all-round fantastic. The visual metaphor of a clock face makes so much sense.

Adam Carson

Just what I was waiting for. Beautiful design, it’s simple to use, and simplifies my time management throughout my day.

Ted Schaefer

Very cool. Years ago I planned to build an app that managed meetings, work, and life all at once; this scratches that itch.

Chris Linder
Product Designer

Congrats on launch! Very exquisite app. I love the partition of Work, Live and ,Meet, as well as it's interaction mode. The first time I used it, every step was a surprise :)

Maria Golikova

 I’ve been interested in finding a better calendar so looking forward to giving this a try. I love the unique design.

Patty Howard
Riya Ram
Product Marketing

"Wow! The design looks slick, ngl.

Big shoutout to the Kyugo team for addressing the shortcomings of traditional calendars!

The 'Guarded meeting & work schedule' feature is exactly what I need to maintain a better work-life balance. Excited to give this app a try!"


Congrats on the launch! I was a bit skeptical about a circular calendar at first, but once you're used to it, it's really easier to see your day at first glance. Love it!

Maria Loleyt

Great product for such a burning need!

Kyle Adams
Lead Product Designer

Whoa, this UI is spectacular! Can't wait to try this out.

Bjarn Bronsveld

Loving this UI! Great work!

Joel Goldfoot
Senior Director

An innovative approach to visualizing time blocks—excellent work from the design team!

Arnaud Tsombeng

Really cool for some of us who have difficulties managing our daily activities

Fatoun Samake

This is interesting. Congratulations on launching such a wonderful product.

Modibot Diabate
Product Manager

Great work! The product is amazing. Too realistic.

Heba Elsawah

"I tried Kyugo, it’s really worth it.

I used it to arrange my hours during the day"

Rita Haitham
UX Designer

I will absolutely use this app. This app will help me very much for mange my day. I will recommend my friends to use this app also.

Vida Ghorbannezhad Maleki

Your design caught my eye, and I appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into helping people manage their time effectively. The calendar design you've created is not just cool, but also incredibly attractive. Personally, I love it!

Feranmi Alu

The mobile app has kept me in awe. The thought process behind creating something as innovative as this is commendable. The functionality and interaction design is top-notch.

Aravindhan Mudaliyar

"I like the idea that app can find time in between schedules and make space for other tasks.

The calendar and event planning looks clear and straight-forward. And the idea with various circles and so on makes a lot

of conceptual sense. "

Kate Novak

Your product is really cool both practical and beautiful. I definitely like it!

Features coming soon

Kyugo is growing
to be the ultimate
dashboard of your life .

Features we’re working on now will adjust your schedule based on your circadian rhythm, automatically plan time for a workout, or adjust your schedule so you have time to wind-down at the end of the day.

The Power of Now

Kyugo allows you to customize your day to what your life and its tasks mean to you. Visualize your day your way.
Remember, you are in charge.