Kyugo 救護 [kjuːɡəʊ]
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Take control of your day with ease.
Kyugo guards your work-life balance and automatically solves your schedule for work, meetings, and your free time.

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The Manifest

It’s time to
reinvent the calendar

There has been no innovation in how calendars work for more than 30 years. Spreadsheet-like interfaces could be fine to create a meeting, but are simply not enough to plan your life. To guard your limited time and achieve true work-life balance.

We were looking for a solution to our problem – working too much, meetings interrupting our deep work, and not having enough time for our families and ourselves. Constant cognitive overload with when to do what, when to plan your next meeting, and when to find time for a project. 
How to make your life work.

So after years of testing and research,
we’re thrilled to introduce Kyugo*.

Your subscription is not a source of revenue for us.
It's funding the biorhythm tracking version 2.0.
You're part of the movement to change daily planning forever.

How Kyugo works
1 minute, 29 seconds
* Kyugo comes from Japanese “Kyūgo”, meaning a relief, or an aid.

The Calendar

A circular calendar. But why?

It was always there.
We rediscovered it.

We’ve been using a round clock for more than 400 years. Yet, our current calendars are based on a spreadsheet. The system is unsuitable to the modern needs to plan your day and keep a healthy work-life balance. We spent years of research to understand how us, as human beings, perceive time, and how we visualize it. We don’t need numbers to know where 9 o’clock is. And because of this...
Kyugo was born – more visual and intuitive way to plan your day.

See how it works

The Guardian

"Planning your day" is a thing of the past.

Say how much time you need. Kyugo will do the rest.

Kyugo lets you create fixed daily blocks for meetings, work time and your life, a solution to the elusive work-life balance that always seemed just outside of your grasp, until now. Just select the event length and Kyugo will automatically find the time in your calendar and plan it for you. Don’t waste energy on planning and checking when you’re available. Kyugo will do it for you.

Instantly visualize your busy days and times

The daily circles instantly show you what kind of event you have planned for the day, when, and how full your day is.

Kyugo runs on your existing Google Calendar

No need to create a new calendar. Just connect your Google Account.

The Experience

Thumb-friendly navigation

With a single-hand usage in mind, all controls are placed at the bottom for fast interactions. All buttons are thumb-friendly. All interactions require one tap only.


With years of experience in designing apps, Kyugo is using a revolutionary UX to make every action fast, smooth and easy to control. We created new elements and interaction never seen-before in an app.


Switch controls to use the app easily with your left hand.


The Controls

Skip the edit buttons.

Change event length or type directly with one tap. Kyugo automatically replans your calendar if the event no longer fits into your schedule.

Make your life easier.

Reschedule an event with one tap and Kyugo will find another time in your calendar automatically. Never think again what to write when you’re late, Kyugo will handle it.

2 hours
5 hours
Manage your day.

See how much time you have left for meetings and work. Turn day off to cancel and reschedule all your events to another time, or reschedule all your meetings at once to focus.

Delegate meeting creation.

Share your public calendar with anyone, which updates in real-time based on your available time slots.

When was the last time we met?

Search within your events or people you met, fast. Open a contact to see the history of meetings with this person and reach out.

Features coming soon

Kyugo is growing to be the guardian of your work-life balance.

Features we’re working on now will adjust your schedule based on your circadian rhythm, automatically plan time for a workout, or adjust your schedule when you work too much, so you have time to wind-down at the end of the day.

Let Kyugo be
your guardian.

Let Kyugo
be your

Kyugo is your personal time assistant, guardian of your work-life balance. It automatically divides your day meaningfully between meetings, allowing for uninterrupted work and enjoyable life.
Take control of your day with ease.

Kyugo on App Store